With over 40 years of experience, our firm has a solid reputation of delivering yield driven results through excellence and a relationship oriented business model.


We create value by leveraging local relationships and a disciplined, proactive management philosophy. Kensington’s diverse skillset and entrepreneurial business model encourages creative and diverse deal structures thus giving us a competitive advantage in the market.


Managing Directors

Robert A. Jensen
Principal, Investments & Finance

Rebecca Maher (née Jensen)
Principal, Design & Construction

Michelle Jensen Session
Principal, Strategy & Operations


Robert Jensen
Principal, Senior Advisor

Shirley Jensen
Principal, Senior Advisor


Executive Team

Brad C. Anderson

Dean Jolley
Chief Financial Officer

Rochelle Wasula
Project Coordinator

Kristey Andrews
Senior Accountant


Darby Stricker
Regional Manager

Doug Bradley
General Manager

Doug Radford
General Manager

Jamie Langdon
General Manager