Robert Jensen

Principal, Investment Division

Bob Jensen is currently a principal and senior advisor at Kensington Investment Group where he is involved with all acquisition, disposition and financing decisions.

Bob started acquiring apartment buildings in 1975 along the West Coast. His success rapidly grew through high net worth equity partnerships and by 1990 his investment firm controlled over 3,500 multifamily units. At the same time, Bob also began acquiring and developing hotels and created Kensington Management LLC to oversee all management and hotel operations.

Bob, through Kensington, was an early pioneer of the Holiday Inn Express brand rollout where he received numerous awards and recognition. He served on the Board of Directors for the Intercontinental Owners Association and was elected as the chairman of the Holiday Inn Express Owners Committee.

Prior to real estate investing, Bob worked for Prudential Insurance, was the State Chairman Illinois College Republican Federation, and graduated from with University of Illinois with a degree in Political Science. Bob has always believed in an honorable work ethic, a balanced quality of life and keeping a conscious plan for today and the future.