Shirley Jensen

Principal, Design & Construction

Shirley Jensen is a principal and senior advisor at Kensington Investment Group where she advises on all design and construction decisions.

Shirley began her work in exterior and interior design in 1990, where she oversaw all design and construction for the ground up development of six Holiday Inn Express Hotels located throughout central Oregon. Shirley’s natural abilities led to multiple design awards from the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) including back to back Golden Torchbearer Awards and Quality Excellence Awards, awarded only to top hotels within the IHG system. Shirley’s natural artistic talents have allowed her to excel at all forms of art, including residential and landscape design, photography, painting, and drawing. Her photography is displayed on the walls of both the Holiday Inn Express Grants Pass and the Holiday Inn Express Roseburg.

Prior to real estate investment and development activities with her husband, Shirley worked for Carmel Monterey Travel as a travel agent and raised her four children with an emphasis on family, honesty, hard work, and creativity. Shirley has always believed in recognizing and encouraging natural talent, providing adequate training, support and recognition for all staff, and communicating expectations in all levels of the organization.